7 Signes d'un entrepreneur mauvais

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Any contractor who values his company, and the business of his present and potential customers would always demonstrate a willingness to be on time. It is essential in order to finish your project according to the deadlines specified in the contract you have with a business or home owner. When a contractor is consistently late to your job, usually he has other jobs he is doing which means your project can suffer as a result. He might not finish on time which potentially can become a nightmare for you and your family if major living space is being renovated ( kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.). This is a sign of bad time management and sloppy work scheduling, sometimes going over deadlines cannot be avoided even by reputable contractors but this is often due to unforeseen problems related to the work site, and not because he is doing 20 jobs at the same time, also known as " job Jumping." Some contractors have the "I 'll get there when I get there" attitude and when you complain about it, they just shrug it off. These types of contractors can give you a really sloppy job because they have demonstrated that they don't really care about the time factor or the renovation project that YOU hired them for. When screening for a contractor for your project, Try to hire a company that will be dedicated to your project from start to finish. You would get a much better result, it would be finished on time, and it would be an overall good experience.


Some contractors do not have the right temperament and disposition for the business. They are constantly blaming their employees for things they didn't do, demeaning and disrespecting them in public and creating an atmosphere of tension in their crews. Most people really need their jobs, especially in this day and time, so they just tolerate it and try to do their job as best they can. I remember a really bad contractor in Queens who used to curse out his men loudly in front of customers, calling them all kinds of names and firing guys who didn't kiss his behind. When your crew becomes afraid of you, because you are unpredictable and they don't know if they would be fired or laid off at your slightest whim, they become unable to perform their jobs properly and efficiently. The Job becomes a nightmare, never knowing if today is the day they get axed. Contractors with bad tempers are also known to get into fights and confrontations with their customers. I've seen this happen many times, with the contractor having his crew rip out all the work they've just done because the homeowner was unable to make a payment. Getting into a fist fight with the son of a homeowner in the backyard. Dragging debris from a dumpster and spreading it all over the property. Smashing out their Lexus windows. Cursing them out loudly in front of neighbors and driving over their lawn. Guys like this seem to spend more time in court than on job sites. Oh, if only you've seen the things I've seen!


A captain must be in charge of his ship. He maintains order and discipline among his men, he delegates the right chores to the right people, he makes sure assignments are done in a timely fashion. He regards his crew as his family, and he rewards them for a job well done. If he is weak leader, or unfair, his crew will mutiny and chaos is the result. A contractor is just like a ship's captain. And just like a ship's captain is in charge of every voyage, a contractor must be in charge of every project he undertakes and make sure everything is done right, done on time, and done according to rules and regulations. When a contractor is not in control of his job site, or is absent, chaos can potentially erupt. No one is sure what aspect of the job they are required to do, they may start goofing off, everybody wants to be in charge. The adage " all chiefs and no indians " start to take over. Absentee contractors can have some of the most unorganized projects of all. Some parts of the job have to be done over, or the job was done half-heartedly, which will undoubtedly result in an unhappy customer, who will not give you another job let alone a recommendation.


There's an old saying " Good Tradesmen make Bad Businessmen. " It's also true of the reverse. For Some contractors, It's all about the money, and while it is true that we are in business to make a profit from skills that took a lifetime to acquire, these guys, they will take the money and run. Some of them have no trade skills, they simply consider it a business and a business only, with no understanding of what it takes to do a good job. Contracting is a unique industry, for the true contractor has a love of the trades he has mastered over the years, and his business is a continuation of that love with a desire to do his work with pride and no interference from "businessmen" who only seek the profits that can be gained. There are some contractors who learned the trades, started a business and got corrupted to a point where they don't care about the work anymore, only the numbers involved. There are even stories here in New York about some guys who became so greedy they even started stealing the tips from their own workers! Beware of the contractor that you only see when it's time for him to get paid. When you have a complaint or a question you have to deal with a foreman or supervisor, he's " unavailable. " It's funny how he always seems to be available when it's time for a payment!


Would you install carpet on your roof instead of asphalt shingles? Or how about using Elmer's glue instead of ceramic tile mastic for your wall tiles in the shower? You're thinking only a moron would do this, but I use these extreme examples to show the inherent dangers of using the wrong materials in remodeling and construction. Every municipality in the United States have standard building codes to prevent the use of wrong materials that can be dangerous to people in their homes and can have potentially fatal consequences. We all know the dangers of lead and asbestos, but there are some contractors who purposefully use wrong materials because it's cheaper, and for some they just don't know any better. If your remodel isn't built to code or has inferior installation materials, it simply will not last and your hard-earned money will go down the drain. you will have to have it done all over again, and the money-hungry contractor who just cashed your check is long gone. Screen and Hire a knowledgeable contractor who will use the proper materials according to the building codes, and you won't have to worry about getting consistent " stop work " orders from your city's building department.


" I don't have to pay worker's compensation, no 401K, no medical or dental benefits, everything is off the books with these guys. I get to save some money. " For contractors, this sounds like a real bargain. Day laborers and illegal aliens can be extra help to their legitimate crews at a fraction of the costs. Problem is, do you know who you're hiring? It's impossible to conduct a background check on a person if you don't know their real identity. They can be a criminal or rapist, I've heard of day laborers coming back to people's houses to rob and rape the occupants after working there earlier. They had access, they were able to see what and who was there. And when the contractor was contacted about the crime, he only knew the guys by their aliases and not their real names, and their addresses were phony. For a homeowner, this is a potentially bad situation to be in, you trust your contractor to have trustworthy people in your home, around your valuables and loved ones. If an accident happens on your property you are most likely to get sued by the individual who got hurt, whether he is illegal or a citizen working off the books, because the contractor did not protect him with worker's compensation. And while most day laborers are here to work, to provide for their families back home, and have no criminal intent whatsoever, For the contractor and homeowner alike it is better to be safe than sorry. Keep it legitimate and you will have fewer problems.


Shoddy paperwork is often a big red flag of an unlicensed contractor or con man. Having proper paperwork is essential to running a contractor business mostly due to taxes, expenses and payroll involved. When a contractor shows up at your door and gives you an estimate, and presents only a blank piece of paper or the back of a business card as your receipt, ask him for a contract before you give any money. Make sure he verifies his identity, business address, and license numbers. In Long Island back a few years ago, there were a rash of incidents where con men were using business cards and license numbers of contractors who had flyers delivered to homes. They would impersonate the contractor, get cash or checks made out to cash, and disappear. When the victims of the crime went to court and saw the real contractor, they had never seen him before or talked to him, and the poor contractor had no idea why he was in court. Always check the licenses and references of a contractor before you hire him, make sure you meet him face to face and talk with him before giving deposits. As a great philosopher once said, " It Is Better To Err On The Side Of Caution. "

Eric Lamar is a licensed Home improvement contractor in the greater New York City Area and has over 15+ years experience in the home improvement industry. His company, 96 pro contractors, has been in business since 2008 and specializes in all phases of home improvements. Visit us at http://www.96procontractors.com/ to learn more about how you can improve your home!

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